Friday, December 16, 2005

Jack Layton: Common-Sense Gambler. In his rookie stint in Parliament as federal NDP leader, Jack Layton has been called a fair share of colourful names courtesy of his Ottawa brethren. "Say Anything Jack." "Jumpin' Jack." "The Toronto stuntman." Even "Chicken." But in the dawn of this winter election campaign, "The Gambler" would be most apropos. It was Layton who provided the pivotal opposition push that began the process of toppling the Liberals from power, sending Canadians to a holiday season vote after Paul Martin wouldn't accept his so-called "common sense solution." It was Layton who put himself and his party on the line by bringing his caucus on board the same battleship as the Conservatives and Bloc Quebecois to tank the Liberals -- showing he can, indeed, strategize and scheme with the rest of them.


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